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Brand: Kono Wines

Kono Sauvignon Blanc

Area New Zealand, MarlboroughGrape Sauvignon BlancBottle 0.75 LAlc perc 12.5%Bottler KonoTo eat fish, seafood, goat cheese, saladsAllergens Sulphite
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List of products by brand Villa Moncigale

Villa Moncigale


More than 100 years of expertise in rosé wines.

Since 1921, Moncigale 's wines have been an ode to rosés from Provence. This is a passion shared by our winemaker.

Our know-how regarding the careful selection of plots has been recognized in Provence for more than 100 years. The approach begins with the study of how the vine performs on different types of soil, whether the soil is best adapted to the grape variety planted there, and the impact of the vintage and of viticultural methods on the quality of the grapes, which allow us to identify the best plots with great precision. Moreover, Villa Moncigale was the historical ambassador of the wines of Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence, for which it represented more than 25% of the appellation's production.

For generations, we have maintained close but demanding relationships with cooperative wineries and cellars around Mount Sainte-Victoire.

Aurélie Saadi

"I have always been passionate about Provence! As a child, I was soothed by the smell of lavender and thyme when I went hiking with my parents in the mountains of the Alpilles. And by the Mediterranean, the sound of the waves, the sun, the heat and the bright light. The vineyards of Provence benefit from a great diversity of terroirs that inspired Villa Moncigale's range of rosé wines."

Aurélie Saadi, winemaker/viniculturist and ambassador, Villa Moncigale

Villa Moncigale

Mont des Cigales is a protected area in Provence for the preservation of biodiversity and is a paradise for crickets. This is why Moncigale finds its origins in this area, a haven where you can hear the metallic sound of their song.

For our rosé terroir wines, we select the most beautiful plots

VILLA MONCIGALE offers an impressive collection of rosé terroir wines from the vineyards around Mount Sainte-Victoire. At an altitude of 1011 m, the climate is cooler than along the coast of Provence. The vines thrive on chalky clay soils in which they put their roots deep into the ground to get the nutrients they need to produce grapes bursting with the rich, concentrated juice that gives the wine its structure and fresh aromas and flavors.

To create these delicate rosés, great care is taken from harvest onward. The grapes are picked at night to preserve their freshness. Our approach to vinification revolves around the "number 7," which is both the ideal temperature for gentle vinification, to obtain a subtle, pale pink color, and the optimal number of days cuvaison to obtain fresh, expressive cuvées, with delicate flavors. aromas and flavors.


Bright - Structured

The soil consists of calcareous clay. Part of the vines are planted on terraces at an average altitude of 200 meters. The vines dig their roots deep into the soil to obtain the nutrients they need. Here the climate is cool for the region, with nightly temperature variations between 10°C and 15°C, allowing the grapes to maintain a perfect balance between sugar and acidity.


Flavorful - Finesse

The selected parcels are located in the northern and western part of the appellation, in the hinterland, near Mount Sainte-Victoire. The vines grow on clayey, red and white limestone soils dating back to the Cretaceous period. Here the Mistral wind is a blessing. The vines are constantly aerated and the circulating air eliminates moisture to ensure the good health of the vines.


Lively - hero

Our selected plots are located at the foot of Mount Sainte-Victoire, in an amphitheater that opens to the west and is bordered by the mountain to the north. It extends to the east over the forested hills of Pourrières and Pourcieux, and is bounded to the south by the small mountain ranges of Étoile and Olympe. This ideal environment benefits from deep soil and a continental climate, as Mount Aurélien and the Sainte-Baume Mountains protect the area from the regulatory influences of the Mediterranean. On the Triassic plateaus surrounding Mount Sainte-Victoire, the vines thrust their vines deep into the limestone and clayey sandstone soils to get the nutrients they need and produce grapes whose juice lends structure and rich aromas and flavors to the wine. .

Villa moncigale

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